Residual Current Device – RCD’s

Residual Current Device & How It Will Save Your Life!

What is it?

An RCD is a safety device that has become an electrical standard in the United States and around the world. The RCD is designed to protect you from any stray currents that would otherwise pass through you, to ground from a faulty component or wiring. As little as 30mA is enough to kill a human in the wrong circumstances, so RCD’s need to be correctly installed and verified for operation from time to time. Any new installation, commercial or residential must have RCD’s installed and any older installation must have the circuits modified to contain them.

How Does it Work?

Other common circuit protection devices such as fuses and Miniature Circuit Breakers, MCB’s, generally only protect circuit components and cabling from damage during an overload. In general, the current flowing from the active, through the components and returning via the neutral will be the same. The RCD will monitor the current flow between the active and the neutral and if a slight change occurs it will trip the power immediately.

Inside the RCD is a ferromagnetic core that has both the active and neutral wires spiralled around it. In a normal situation when both currents are equal they will both produce a similar magnetic field. The wires are turned around the ferromagnetic core so that the current flows in opposite directions, therefore, the magnetic fields will oppose each other and cancel out. In the case a human is exposed to a live circuit, downstream of the RCD, then the magnetic field will change and this, in turn, will trip the continuity of the circuit.

The process to trip the RCD is by a 3rd winding around the ferromagnetic core, when the magnetic field becomes polarised in a certain direction, current will flow in this coil. The coil will then pull a set of switches that open the circuit, removing the power.

When They Won’t Work.

RCD’s have limitations and all have different specifications. It is important to check what RCD’s are installed in your circuits at your home or business. Some RCD’s are only designed to protect in the event of a fire and are not sensitive enough to protect from an electric shock. An RCD rated to trip ~30mA is required to protect a human from electric shock. If a person is to touch both the active and neutral wires at the same time then the current will remain the same and then RCD will not detect a change in magnetic field.

How To Test RCD’s?

While most RCD’s do have test buttons built in, the main tripping coil circuit is not correctly tested. A specialised tool is required for testing. Most electricians have the capability to test RCD’s that may be present in your electrical circuits. According to the National Electrical Code RCD’s & Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters, GFCI’s, requires testing every 12 months to remain compliant. If you are unsure if your RCD’s will work call your local electrician far peace of mind.

Lighting- Warm or Cool?

What Colour Temperature Do I Use For Lighting?

Asking “Warm light or cool light, for my room?” is fundamentally the same as asking “What colour shirt should I wear today?”

There truly is no correct answer, it for the most part, boils down to individual’s inclination. Furthermore, you could literally go through types of lights for many hours; for example, the kind of fitting, cost, lumens, brand, and warranty, while somewhere at the bottom of the varying list, the temperature of the light.

All things considered, shading temperature can noticeably affect the vibe of a space and on the off chance that you need to pick one or the other, it would be nice to be able to comprehend what it’s all about. Here are a couple of tips to enable you to settle on an informed decision.

Lighting “temperature” is a very different to the normal understanding of temperature.

This can become confusing.

The higher up the Kelvin Scale the light temperature, the cooler the lighting effect and vice versa.

The inverse relationship of this colour to the Kelvin could be that a candle or a fire has a lower representation when compared to a burning phosphorus or other white hot examples.

Note that an advantage of LED lighting is that it creates far less waste warmth than other lighting does, regardless of the shading temperature.


While picking a shading temperature, numbers matter.

Shading temperature is generally communicated as a four digit number in the unit kelvin, utilizing the image K, for instance “3000K” or “6500K”.

When buying a bulb you may see words like, “warm white”, “cool white” or “sunlight” to separate between their items. There is no industry standard for these expressions, it’s essential not to depend on them too absolutely. One brand’s 5000K could be depicted as “sunlight”, while another brand’s globe could be portrayed as “cool white”. Indeed, they may even be some variety inside one brand’s distinctive items.

So with that in mind, you are much better off making a decision based off the Kelvin Scale (K) rather than the descriptive guides. If you are unable to find the K number, contact the manufacturer because in certain circumstances it can be crucial.


Learn The Global Lighting Temperature Scale

We’ve probably all seen a code like, “830” or “965”. This is regularly on the case with LED or Fluro Tubes, etc. These codes just consolidate two lighting detail into one – that of light colour and temperature.

The main number alludes to colour:

  • 8 = shading rendering index Ra 80 – 89
  • 9 = shading rendering index Ra 90 – 100

The second and third numbers are for temperature:

  • 27 = 2700K
  • 30 = 3000K
  • 40 = 4000K
  • 50 = 5000K
  • 65 = 6500K

By and large, “warm” is viewed as natural light, while “cool” is viewed as useful and industrial. These decisions can be important when you are attempting to create a certain atmosphere. Red can  be for enthusiasm, Blue for calming, Green to relax, etc.Warm Lighting Example

Low colour temperature give off a soft red/orange glow and are thought to be “warm”, it represents an old rustic candle feeling. Ideal areas for this lighting is, bistros, eateries and bedrooms.

Cool lighting Example

High level colour lighting is often given the term “cool”. Light up and around 5500K will be useful when you need to flood an area for work purposes or in a meeting room. When you are looking for more bright light for area flooding it is best to look at lumens rather than Kelvin scale.

Final Decision

It really comes down to personal preference but it is important to know when you are trying to set the mood.

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Construction Electrician

Taking Charge – Your Career as a Construction Electrician

An electrician can find the construction industry is ripe with opportunities for them. Most people forget the construction field is vast because it combines many specialities including electricians. However, is a career as a construction electrician the right move for you? Read on and find out what you need to know about a construction electrician careers.

What Tasks Will You Carry Out?

A career as a construction electrician can be quite varied. One minute you can be installing wiring in a home under construction and other times you’ll be putting the finishing touches to the circuit breakers. It can be quite an unusual but demanding role and one which is extremely rewarding. You have the responsibility to come into a home and help install the wiring throughout as well as help install light fixtures and other important features. There are not many electricians who can say they have helped in the creation of a home but a construction electrician certainly can! Checkout latest information at

Go To Electrician Schools and Continue Your Education

To be honest the construction electrical field is extremely tough, more so than residential and commercial electrical work. Yes, the practices can be very similar but there are subtle differences. You not only have to work around others but need to understand how your actions could affect the construction of an entire home. You can’t say you’ll start the work on a Monday morning and several things can go wrong and you may not start until Wednesday, because sometimes you cant control the environment around you. A construction electrician needs to undertake professional training and further training to be fully competent in working in this field.

Climb the Ladder

Anyone going into the construction electrician business will know they aren’t going to walk into the best paying jobs. The top jobs go to the trusted and highly experienced contractors but that doesn’t mean to say you can’t reach those jobs. You will start from the bottom and work your way up but of course, climbing the ladder is all a part of the industry and you need to be aware of that. You may want to take charge of your career, but you need to understand how you’ll start out like everyone else and work your way up to success. However, as you gain experience you climb the ladder and reach better positions.

The Possibilities Are Endless

Construction Electrician

If you want to take charge of your career as a construction electrician you can find the job leads you to amazing places. The possibilities are truly endless and you never really know where you’ll find yourself. However, that is the great element associated with being a construction electrician North Lakes. See this link for additional tips.

Take Charge of Your Career

Becoming an electrician can be quite fun and it is quite varied. You can choose the exact path you want to work in and can find it works perfectly for your skills. A construction electrician is great because you get to work within the construction field which is impressive pay and it opens the doors to new possibilities also. An electrician can be great if you’re willing to put in the time and effort.

Electrician School

How to Pick Your Electrician Career Path

Choosing to become an electrician is just one part of the industry you have to figure out which area you are going to choose. There are many options to consider and it can get confusing but don’t let it overwhelm you. You can easily find the right career path for you today.

What Area Of Expertise Do You Want To Work In?

There are several paths for you to consider when choosing electrician school careers. You not only can go into training to teach others but can choose to work in the commercial or residential fields. You could also go into the construction or industrial fields, so there are quite a few options for you to consider.

However, it does seem as though construction and residential careers are extremely popular and its not hard to understand why that is. These are two very popular and in demand areas because households are continuously searching for help to deal with electrical matters. Also, many new homes are being built daily. However, it’s important to know what area you want to specialize in when you become an electrician.

Do You See Yourself In A Training Role Or Practical Role?

If you want to find the right position for you then you have to give some thought over your role within the electrician industry. You can of course become a student and learn how to become an electrician or you could look at a teaching role. Now training can be extremely important because there are millions of students who undertake these courses each year. It’s important to know where you want to be from your training; if you see yourself as an electrician with your own business in ten years time then you know what area to look at. Learn additional details at

Search the Local Trade School Courses and Openings

When you want to find the right courses for your chosen career then you need to look at the local trade schools and what they offer. An electrician who wants to work within the construction field needs to look for courses that relates to construction electricians so that they can learn the trade. However, if you want to get into a teaching role at an electrician school then you should keep your eye opened for openings in this area. Teaching roles are vastly popular because it gives a select few the chance to help new electricians learn the trade and skills they also need.

Understand What Each Electrician Career Will Offer You

Electrician School

Every electrician career path is different and you need to know what is going to suit you. However, if you aren’t sure which direction you want to head towards you may want to consult a careers advisor. The electrician school should have some people to help guide towards the suitable career path for an electrician. There is a lot of help so utilize it. Continue reading this news for more information.

Choose Carefully

Becoming an electrician can be great. However, you don’t want to spend your time training only to find this isn’t the right career path. There are lots of different electrician career paths to choose from so you need to ensure the one you choose is best. An electrician can be a rewarding career.